This post is written by my wife Sanghamitra yesterday which I am putting forward before the family.

First of all, pranam to our beloved Swamiji – he has given us a new lease of life for which I will remain grateful for the rest of my life. I am truly surprised and overwhelmed by his grace. For last few months, I am feeling like I got married to a totally new Biswa and enjoying with the new family (No it is not a second marriage or another family 😉, it’s the family). I am really thankful to each and every member of the family for their contribution in our life. Now Shalini ji, Rohinee ji, Diya ji, Medha ji, Kukil ji, Vrinda ji, Madhavi ji (Biswa’s Guru maa), Pankaj ji and all the little pearls like Nalin, Yash, Ankita, Supriya and many others have become a part of our life.

My intention to write this blog is to introduce me and my world to my new family members. Please bear with me as I am not elegant like Biswa in English language 😉. By the way, all of you have known us from his blogs. I want to share something different.

1.       Yes, I was a studious student and he was more studious than me. I never stayed back at college after classes to have the normal chit-chat or gossip with my friends. Not because I was Padhaku 😉, but I had to do all the household chores and to take care of my Father and younger brother. (I lost my mother who was my entire world to Cancer in 2003 and suddenly household responsibilities fell on my shoulders whether I liked it or disliked it). My friends used to tease me “You are the female version of Biswa in our college.” At that time, I never imagined I could fall in love with a guy like him.” They say, “Opposite poles do attract.” How on earth, the great Physics Theory failed in our case, still I am wondering. The Scientist Biswa has also no answer. May be the spiritual Biswa will be able to answer the same someday.

2.       Yes, it was me who accepted first that I was in love with him. He was a very shy guy those days. What you people are seeing is not the same person, I loved once. Yes, he had the sense of humor then also and I think I got infected with this sweet disease from him. So, the transformation from a shy guy to a jolly and talkative guy is because of me 😉.

3.       Both of our families accepted us wholeheartedly. All thanks to the almighty. There was no Hindi Movie kind of drama 😉.

4.       Two imperfect people started the journey of life perfectly holding each other’s hands.

5.       Then arrived our SUN (son 😉 Sahil), around which our world revolved. (It is same for all parents; we are not exclusive!!)

6.       From being college sweethearts to husband-wife to parents – the journey was easy because of him only. He handled me single handed for which I love him even more. You know it is not really easy to handle strong minded girls like me 😉.

7.       Yes, he is very poor in showing or expressing his love for both of us, (thoda budhhu aur tedha hai, par mera hai😉), but still Sahil and I can feel his love with his every action.

8.       He never gave me any gifts – do you know why? It is because I buy everything I need, and he never ever utters a word of complaint or dissatisfaction. So literally I don’t need any gifts. This is the best part of our relationship.

9.       He never let me feel that we are a couple i.e. husband and wife so that I have to behave with him in a traditional manner. He never stresses me for any Puja like Karwa Chauth (Savitri brat) etc. We are just friends and most of the credit goes to him for making me this much comfortable.

10.   Yes, he is very compassionate towards people and their sentiments. Sometimes he helps people going beyond his capacity. In some months, I used to ask him “do you have your salary in your account or not?” Being a banker aadat se majboor, kya karoon 😉

11.   He can do anything to see his son happy for which sometimes we fight a lot, because I fear that his excessive love for his son may spoil him.

12.   One thing without which I cannot imagine my life is that he is the one and the only guy I can talk to about any topic at any time. We share every details of our office life. I talk about every detail about my colleagues. He also does the same. Some times our colleagues get surprised that how we both can talk so much with each other even after 12 years of marriage without getting bored 😉. Such is our relationship.

Now let’s come to the point for which I got this wonderful new extended family.

1.       Yes, with a great analytic mind and being a bright student, he needed to pay some price. A bright mind came with its dark side. From Aug – Dec, 2020 we were in a total different zone. When all hopes were lost, the ray of hope came from Swamiji through Voleti Madhavi madam. Every time I had a breakdown during that period, Sahil would say “Mummy, don’t worry, Papa will be alright, Koshis karne walon ki kabhi haar nahin hoti hai! So, don’t stop trying Mummy.” Such nice words at such a tender age. In these five months Sahil became very mature. Yes, I lost the old Biswa but got a new Biswa with a different variant like the corona virus with different mutant 😉.

2.       I am touched with how you people accepted him with open arms without any judgement in an unconditional manner. Previously I had the notion that no one can love him more than me. But now I am very much confident that he has more loving people around him.

3.       I am happy that he has resolved to help others with his experience from the low phase.

4.       I am planning to take the print outs of the mini-series blog he had jotted down to gift Sahil on his 10th Birthday so that he can sail his ship smoothly to the sahil (sea shore)!

I just scribbled whatever came to my mind directly from heart. Please forgive me for any mistake.

Seeking Swamiji’s eternal blessings.

 Jai Shri Hari,Jai Swamiji.

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