every word we utter, every thought we have, every action we take, every feeling, every emotion we experience is energy. think about it – certain words, feelings, etc. evoke a happy and positive response, makes us feel good, whereas some make us feel bad.

what is in those that make us feel good or bad – it is the energy!

energy is what you put out in the universe and energy is what you receive back – one that is exactly matched to the energy that you put out in the first place. if you put out anger, frustration and guilt come back…you put out kindness, happiness and peace come back.

not only this – but energy also becomes super important when we look at what we are attracting in life. it is well known that our thoughts create our world, I’d like to refine that a little bit – not the thoughts but the energy within those thoughts create our reality.

put out positive and strong thoughts and you will attract positive circumstances, put out weak and negative thoughts and you will attract negative circumstances. the math is really simple here – be mindful of the energy you are putting out there.

whenever you feel confused/anxious/lost/dejected in life (which these days is more because of this stupid pandemic) just check your energy.

bottom line: put out the right TFA (thoughts, feelings, and actions) and life will just become a tad easier. let me know how it pans out!

till then be awesome!


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