I read autobiography of om Swami ji and like others….it was awestruck moment for me that even in this modern era is it possible to become audience to our God,is it possible to invite our creater to our door. It was very fascinating for me,so I told my father that “you know om Swami had witnessed jagat janani in 2011” ……and i was like “can you believe it..?”…..”It is possible even in this era” excitingly.Then my father said  “whether it is any era – modern or ancient, whoever will have pure devotion, truthfullness,pure dedication, he/she will be god’s and god will be his/hers. God always get obliged with his true devotee…. (“भगत के वश में हैं भगवान”).”
I was listening to him very carefully,it all seems very exciting like wow…how greatful one would be who has got to see God in person. He noticed my interest,my excitement.
Then he said “ok answer my question”.?….I said “ok”.
Then he asked “name the deity who is evident to us”?
Then I took a while so he answered  “surya devta”…then he confirmed with me “isn’t it?”…. “can’t we see him daily”?
Then I said “yess…it’s right”.
Then he asked me another question “now tell me…how much respect you pay him”..??
I was unable to answer him..I started stammering like umm..aa….then he asked me another question “at what time you get up in morning”?
Then I was again shy to answer…but I answered “yess it’s late when I wake up at morning”. Then he asked me “okay now tell me after how many hours of sunrise, you leave bed.” I started getting embarass.
Then he said “don’t feel embarass,but think once how much you respect surya devta”.

Then he gave an example saying “if any guest visit our home we have a gesture of providing him a warm welcome and when he leaves, we say him goodbye sweetly. But what about surya devta ?….when he visits us ( rises)….you kept lost in your deep sleep. A warm welcome is far away….you don’t even leave your bed in his honour,you remain unaware of his arrival”.
Then he asked me ” imagine if you visit any one’s house and he treats you like this,he kept sleeping,he doesn’t show courtesy to welcome you….then how will you feel?…would you wish to visit him again ?
Then I said “no…I will not like,I will feel bad”
Then he said ” but think surya devta never take leave from his duty, he always visit us to enlighten our world….imagine once if surya devta forgot to visit us…if he kept sleeping…then …?”
Then he said “first learn paying respect to evident diety, then think about inviting god “.
His lines affected me…I felt guilty for rude behaviour I had towards ‘surya devta’…and I decided to get up early morning …if not before sunrise but atleast during it.
Then I shifted my time of getting up from 9 AM to 5:30 AM from the very next day and I m continuing it and hopefully there will be no going back but just improvement in time.

Jai bum bhole🙏🏻