Jackets and heavy pullovers were rare, very expensive then.

As children, we had to brave harsh winters, torturous cold winds sweeping down from the Shivalik mountains with simple home made sweaters.

While readying myself for the school once, I complained to my mother against the chilly wintery morning, “माँ, ठंड लग रही है” ( “Mother, extreme cold is hugging me” ).
My mother laughed and wisely retorted, “तू ठंड को लग जा” ( “You also hug the cold hard. Make it your friend” ).

In order to protect oneself from infectious diseases, much importance is now being given to boosting one’s immunity

Many herbs like tulsi, mint, coriander are very effective in increasing immunity.
Yogasanas also help a lot.

But I have found that one of the best ways to shield oneself from the impregnable, deadly bacteria, viruses is to make friends with them!

Avoid paying too much attention to hygiene. Acclimatize yourself.
Start living in harmony with these miniscule creatures.

I know that my words go against general opinion, may offend vested interests, businesses.

I have spent considerable part of my life in a Punjab village.

During my days in village, I had seen the villagers as well as the cattle taking bath in the same pond.
It’s water was also used for drinking, cooking purpose.
People seldom fell ill then!

With much emphasis on hygiene, fastidious persons are making themselves more vulnerable to infectious diseases.

Jain munis never wash their hands with soaps, sanitizers to kill “harmful” germs as they believe in nonviolence.
I have yet to find a Jain muni suffering from Corona!

Have you ever seen a tiger flossing, brushing it’s teeth meticulously?
Almost all of them die with their teeth intact.

Believe me, God has made our body strong enough to counter any disease but we are decreasing it’s capability to fight maladies by being lazy, over indulging and over cautious.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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