Hello everyone I am Sakshi Shaw. Namaste to all of you 🙏.Well in some other post I will provide my detail , for today tell us talk about very important matter “Expectations”.

Yess we all have expectations atleast from someone in our life it  can be a person or it can be a pet or a plant or from ourself. 

But we all have , nobody can say in this world that I have zero expectations from my surroundings or from anyone no one can say that , even we people have expectation from a plant even I have . I have a small garden area in which I have a lemon plant (  I love lemon the smell of the leaf). Its been 2 year or more but I can hardly find any sign of lemon growing into it and I really feel upset I visit that plant every morning just to smell the aroma or just to say good morning to them but now I want fruits on it and I fell sad that I am expecting from that tiny plant and at the same time I feel like people in my surrounding have also some sorts of expectations but they never express might be they are also watching me the same way I use to look my little lemon plant.  So I just want my readers to understand that if people have expectations from you don’t feel annoyed at any point of time they just want us to grow to be happy to be successful they want us to achieve something  because they can see the potential into us which we don’t understand or feel. ❤