Oftentimes we find ourselves entangled in a web of thoughts that makes us feel heavy and suffocated. If during these times we are able to just step back and be the observer of our thoughts instead of fighting or resisting them, the whole scenario begins to change.

It’s like sitting on the seashore and watching the high tides until they slow down instead of getting caught up in one. Doing this not only detangles the knots but also brings in a sense of calm and stillness. If we try to take five minutes everyday to just look at our thoughts….. no judgement…. no analysis……just see and just be in the full awareness of the present moment, we can experience a sense of detachment from our own mind and hence the thoughts that create all the mess. Sharing a few lines to express my own experience of one such moment of calming stillness, hope you can relate too:

How calming is the stillness of the morning dew,

Seen many times, experienced a few.

When a raging storm mercilessly wrecks the mind,

When on your nerves it gets really unkind.

Know that you always have a choice,

For mind’s tantrums why pay that price?

Just sit on the edge and let the waves soar,

Stare unworried and soon they’ll be no more.

Now look at the water that’s a mirror to the light,

Hold on to that stillness so clear and bright!!!

I have recently heard this new song called “Tu jhoom….” ( coke studio) and I am just floored by the beauty and divinity of it. Few lines from the song:

Main deewani kuch na jaana, mast hoke gawaan 

Duniya raazi kar vi laiye fer vi chain ni auna

Jo hai Tera mil jaega kar k koi bahana 

Tere bas me kuch bhi nahi hai

Dil nu yeh samjahawan…. tu jhoom jhoom jhoom’

It just pulls you out of the entangling thoughts of past and future and urges you to live life in the here and now. The understanding that we aren’t here to please the world or to touch the sky and the faith that whatever is yours will find your way, can help you come back to the present moment and enjoy the blissful state. Doing our karma is all we have in our hands, rest all is beyond our control, so just jhoom , jhoom, jhoom…..