Feelings generate expressions!

so how can someone express love,

when he/she doesn’t feel it? 

Love in any relationship is not something whose expression demands extraordinary or superficial efforts from your side. Real love doesn’t need flowers or gifts or artificial words of appreciation to get itself noticed! Neither you are required to disturb the universe by bringing down the stars and the Moon to express your love for someone nor you must have to become a poet. 

Real and the most requisite form of Love for almost every soul on this earth is the one which reflects itself through your behavior, your day to day karmas, through your eyes and through your smiles when you communicate with your loved ones! Your conversations with your loved ones are usually (except at minimal instances of unavoidable mood swings and anger) your real feelings, when you really love them.

Love or care is not something which should be shown only at the time of adversities like physical ailments etc. So those who keep on saying that they don’t know how to express their love are the ones who actually don’t have those feelings for you as if feeling of love would have been present in their heart then it will definitely reflect itself out through some expression of love atleast😊Accept this fact gracefully and take the responsibility of your own happiness👍