Faithless World

In these weary streets of hustle-bustle

People say specious “hi-hellos”

My loneliness had to wear a camouflage 

And my heart knew nothing mellow 

The sadness of being alone

Used to completely seize me

And I used to ask God in plight

Are you really there for me? 

Aware of my own fallen dreams and life

I was more dispirited than anyone

But then I found some strangers to love

And I was glad I found someone 

I tuned in my heart’s rhythm

And told it to the strangers

Although, they are not strangers anymore

I feel now, they are the real danger

Those who you put your trust on

Can use you and deceive you

Beware! In this modern world, I suppose

There is no one who can feel you 

I have felt dejected, petrified

By many who hide in the crowd now

Are they now scared of me(for I’ve become stronger)?

Or is their own guilt in tow?

P.s.- I hope you all are fine and doing great. Thank you for reading.