I think bulati haiI’m forgetting the way I’m , by becoming the one l don’t even know. Sometimes l question myself am I the kind of person I really seek?


These questions generally strike into my mind, and often left me thinking deep inside. At sometime point of life everyone may have questioned himself, for he is real or fake? 


I am not sure whether your answer is same as mine!


All of us have faced some restrictions, some fears, some boundations in which we are unwillingly tied.


From the day of birth, we are generally tied to the chains of ‘religions, cultures and rituals’. We have to adopt the principles of them either we accept or not.


When we are children we are restricted in some ways, we often grew up with the expectations our parents have, their visualisations for the kind of person they seek. Most of the time we have our own choices, ways and viewpoints. But we have to accept the way our parents want to indulge just because we are bound with them and can’t argue for the sense of respect and responsibility.


When we face a society, we have to adjust with the people around us. Moving through the hurdles of life one loses his own temperament, sometime for relations, sometimes for society, sometime due to fear, a person usually supress his inner voice. A person can’t be judged by his social status, what kind of person he is. Sometimes a person becomes a creeper he can’t even recognise.


I usually blamed myself for what I am doing in my life with this mask of fake accent. But when I get to observe the society, I realised this was not only my problem but of the every single individual in this so called double standard society. Why we try to seek some other person in name of ‘My Role Modal’. The day we would indulge the will of becoming the someone’s Role Modal than seeking the one, we would consider ourselves as the ‘Real Ones’.