The word ‘Fakeism’ doesn’t appear in any of the dictionaries but the concept it conveys is nowadays part of our daily lives. In fact, it has become deep rooted part of our lifestyles. I have often pondered and noticed that we fake everything. 

We fake our behaviours.

We fake our actions.

We fake our emotions.

We fake our relationships.

We fake our beliefs.

Is it because the society expects to see us in its pre defined perspective and in order to fit in, we tend to fake? May be it’s true. May be we opt to forgo our true nature, our true being and our true instincts in order to put on the mask so that we shall always remain socially acceptable. 

Does the society groom us to be fake? Does it require us to fake ourselves to be better? 

The ‘Best’ creation of God strives hard to become ‘Better’. What an irony!!!

There is an old saying that you can watch your true self when nobody is watching you but this old piece of wisdom is not relevant anymore. We fake ourselves even when we are alone and nobody is watching us.

Some of us may not agree but here I am just making generalized statement because a whole lot of book can be written about the instances, actions, behaviour, emotions, beliefs etc which we fake. 

Leaving the rest for the book !!!

Fakely Yours,