Is there a way we can stop giving false hope to our self and can we take a note on killing a person? not physical but by mentally or chocking its spirit of life. With all the human’s rights we have. I feel we should consider the freedom to live as an individual.

I mean there is degree to everything we do( there is a difference if both parties have their consent favoring each other’s affection. Then it’s called love). Long gone are the days that hopes saved. How will it make a person alive when you have extracted all the breath out of a being?

Life is beautiful. And very one has an individual copyright to see this world how they describe or project ‘beautiful’. Who are we to take that vision or the light from someone eyes. Sadly, there is jail only when we kill someone physically. How about, killing a person even when that person is still alive?

The person is not some pet or an artefact to be kept for your own self. why can’t we understand, what is yours is always yours. You don’t have to make it a big deal. What has to leave will leave.

One who brings wind, deserve to have wings.

And what if you got that person or thing, what next? You just make it worse. It’s better to have a sour heart then to have a sinful hand. Sometimes pain is beautiful. At least it’s a conscious move.

How could we live in a world where we don’t feel anything from the heart and just pretend to be okay? When we all know it’s not the truth.

Kabhi kabhi saach nikal jata hai.

Or jab yeh hota hai, then we understand the pressure of the false hopes. I don’t won’t to offend none. These are not expectations. Its more about letting the other person be free to express oneself. Don’t break one’s hands and legs. We are already being used a lot by our life’s with time passing by.

We all are wired. Respect each other.

That’s how we are a good human.