Have you ever given a thought to the fact that why people in South India eat on banana leaves,  why we should go to temple  barefoot . why ladies in our culture wear so much gold, how circumambulating a peepal tree ladies suffering from infertility are able to  conceive. Do these ritual have any logic in them , is there any spiritual significance in them ? Let’s find out.

I am a millennial youngster (born in 2000 not billionaire) onetone I have noticed that we millennial youngsters never take on anything without understanding the logic behind it but this thirst for logic is okay for primary practice in spiritualism but in order to gain advancement one need to give up the need for logic.

Person with common sense cannot understand two things:

firstly,things which are of nil importance ,things which are actually bereft of any logic and are mostly empty in their whole sense and

secondly , things  which are of immense importance or should I say utmost significant these phenomenon are beyond logic. Let me take an example of Aghori Sadhu , a person with an average intelligence and  common sense cannot differentiate Aghori from the lunatic vagabond or  a hippie drug peddler. But the truth is beyond what meets the eye since a lunatic or a hippi  really do not have any purpose and logic but  Aghori who is a dedicated one is a person whose state of mind is very similar to something we called stith prajna (most balanced counciousness) he is perfectly aware where his actions are going to lead him.

by this elaboration I do not mean to encourage you to give up the logic but to give the idea that at some point of time we need to give the need for logic in  future spiritual endeavour. Think of your journey as one of any rocket’s and logic as a fuel container , in order to cross the atmosphere that fuel container provides necessary trust but after reaching beyond the atmosphere it has done its purpose and it has to be detached since now it’s nothing but a dead weight for  progression of space shuttle. However it is the only thing which provides you with primary trust .

So here I am going to provide you some interesting explanations of the rituals of Sanatan Dharam in order to provide you with necessary trust.

WALKING BAREFOOT IN TEMPLE: temples are epicenter of positive energy so by walking barefoot we directly conduct that energy into our bodies.

LADIES WEARING GOLD IN INDIA:gold is a very good radiator and absorber of positive energy and it also helps to regulate the body temperature.

ABHISHEKAM OF SHIVLING: in ancient times shivlings were made from stones so after much time if they were not to be greeced with water so they develop some tracks and after which when our culture progressed and developed ,shivling were made by special alloy which consisted of iron and mercury in the much amount so when the abhishek  which is consist of milk is poured on the shivling then the prasadam which we get after Abhishek  is very good for a body which then used to be distributed in the people so it was very beneficial for the body.

INFERTILIZATION CURE BY PEEPAL TREE: in a region of Maharashtra state in India , ladies which are unable to conceive are advised to wake up early and circumambulate the people tree in the temple in that village. There is a fascinating logic behind this ritual as people tree is known for the production of oxygen in exceptionally high amount in early morning hours so when lady circumambulate that tree they inhale oxygen in surplus amount and lots of oxygen is the best way to cure the hormonal imbalance that is why  circumambulating the peepal tree their hormonal imbalance get cured and they are able to conceive.

EATING FOOD ON BANANA LEAF: when hot food is served on banana leaf it secrete anti-oxident which makes food much more nutritious to intake.

So next time before discarding anything spiritual as  illogical take one minute and contemplate is it  illogical or there is actually a fascinating logic behind it. And if you fail to see any logic behind it then don’t get discouraged, because some time things are beyond logic which is of infinitely more importance than things which are illogical.