Feminine Vista

An instance came to mind today when Swamiji delivered a narrative (on the occasion of the 13th Day Yagna during Sri Sukta Sadhana) about how Maa Laxmi convinced Lord Vishnu to bless Kubera.

In the last election, we voted for a candidate who promised us good basic infrastructure, from roads to drainage to clean water. He hasn’t met any of them in nearly four years. Many of the houses in my neighbourhood, including ours, lacked an adequate road and drainage system. Regarding these issues, I personally wrote numerous letters and made numerous visits to the city council. However, the municipality remained deaf to all of my requests, , and my neighbours seemed unconcerned. They prefer to keep their eyes closed and their ears deaf, no matter how many times we try to wake them up. So my father opted to accomplish these things on his own. Finally, he persuaded them to build the road using four Upayas: Sama, Dana or Dama, Danda, and Bheda. However, the drainage system was left unfinished.

He insisted on making drainages when he met our MLA(who is a student of my father) a couple of times when they both met in certain meetings and gatherings. But, as usual, he made false promises and fled. Tired of his empty promises, my father went to MLA’s house with my brother-in-law to meet him, but he was not there; his wife, who is also a student of my father. Baba(My father)  expressed his disappointment with the delay in development projects and the difficulties that people are experiencing to her. When she heard all of this, she assured him, “Sir, this will be done soon.”

I was upset with my father for going to this MLA’s house and insisting on his wife doing this work. Baba (my father) responded “Don’t be too disappointed; I had only tried a new approach to getting it done. And there’s nothing wrong with attempting to work in a different way.”

He then cracked a joke that “A mouse was dancing and having fun at a Lion’s Wedding.

When a Giraffe noticed this, he inquired:

Hey Buddy, Why are YOU dancing & enjoying so much?

You may not be knowing, but before my marriage, even I was a Lion…replied Lion.”

In the household, men usually listen to their wives. And if the ‘Hema’ demands, then the job will be definitely done.

So keep your cool. He claimed that he discussed these topics with ‘Hema’ because “Women, in general, maintain their vows and have decent morals. Many of them make every effort to keep a promise they make.” 
Hema (MLA’s wife), in particular, because I’ve known her commitment since she was a kid, which Vinnu (MLA) lacks. 
But I refused to believe it, telling myself that politicians are politicians, and nothing would happen. 
My father’s words, however, came true.

MLA’s personal assistant arrived at our house the next day, just as Hema (MLA’s wife) had promised. Within an hour, an excavator, cranes, tractors, and a large number of labourers arrived and began to work. And the work is still being done. 

All of this astounded me and taught me two things. To begin, it is critical to interact with the appropriate individual in order to get the work done. Second, women wield ultimate influence. I had no clue Hema could be such a drive for him to do this long-overdue task. It’s true that women have immense power in guiding people and getting things done, such as Jijabai, Chitrangada, Hemaraddy mallamma, and Lakshmi bai.

Women have achieved considerable advancement in a wide range of sectors throughout history, including agriculture, business, politics, the arts, science, law, and many more, year after year. And we have seen how women in our families, as mothers, sisters, wives, and children, have enhanced our lives. This is the power of women. That is why our ancestors said, 

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः।
यत्रैतास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफलाः क्रियाः।।

yatra nāryastu pūjyante ramante tatra devatāḥ।
yatraitāstu na pūjyante sarvāstatrāphalāḥ kriyāḥ।।


Where women are honored, there the deities are pleased;
but where they are not honored, no sacred rite yields rewards.

With the words, “God dwells where women worship,” I close by expressing gratitude to all of the amazing women.

May the goddess Maa Lakshmi bestow her blessings on us all🌸🌸🌸.

Note: To safeguard individuals’ privacy, the names Hema and Vinnu are used. Their real names, however, differ.

Love and Peace,