Jai Shri Hari Swamiji!! In your humble obeisance..

Jai Shri Hari everyone!!!

Ever since, I’ve been conscious and aware of my conscience,I’ve been wandering. Looking for the real thing…. “Purpose “ Reading and re-reading about it.. What is it? Singular or plural? How to seek that onejQuery1124017052825720703058_1622787108651 Is it relative with changing phases of life??And so many more bizzare stuff!!!!!!
It is when my mystery,yes it was a mystery got solved…

Swamiji ,has been a beautiful blessing to me.I’m immensely grateful to him .His writings,videos,wisdom,showed me the path clear and vivid…

So my sunshine of happiness is “Live ,love laugh and serve “. Yes , it’s a key to all my doubts, my ambiguities,my confusions…

 I’ve become more empowered,feel more mindful and breathe at ease all the times..

Yes ,I’ve my lows and burst out moments,however I come out of it swiftly and easily unlike before… 

Having a purpose, makes you feel complete and blissful…
The soul purpose of me writing this today,is to spread the word that yes,if you arduously desire for something,it turns out..

However, just as a seed becomes a sapling then a bud overshoots and a beautiful pleasing flower blossoms , similarly there’s always a right time.. Please be calm. Believe in the promising nature of universe….

I found my Nemo!!!!!

wishing that everyone finds there bliss soon!!!

In humble obeisance to Swamiji..

Jai Shri Hari 


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