Since almost three years due to grace ,guidance and inspiration of Param poojyaa Swamiji Maharaj ,i became a medium to help Aiims government hospital patients with medicine, tests ,emotional councelling aswell eatables and clothings on personal basis promising myself 20 hours a month for this cause pre covid, help in form of cash and kind has poured in miraculously. To ensure the donor is satisfied that his charity reaches needy ,i usually after taking permission from receiver, click their pictures and send there phone number to donor to cross check ,this keeps our service scot free. I instead ensure that no donors money or resource gets wasted or misused .With an extremely strict family who would never allow me to take donations, for scare of getting bad name ,i have found a very trust worthy chemist whom they can donate informing me and then i send the patients whom i visit regularly at a Dharamshala opposite aiims ,the patients go there and i approve if chemist can give them medicine ,he clicks there picture ,and sends me bill ammount which i approve and they are given the medicine! Similar is for ration ,milk ,juice or ultra sounds and m.r.i s.But there are some friends who only get satisfaction if they themselves buy ration like aata,chawal,cheeni,daal,soap,cooking oil ,chai pati.They donate like for 11 families a month which is fair with me having a storage space. Pre covid time one such Donor friend who had hesrelf quiet a few times visited the Dharamshala with me and trusted me blindly as a regular charity sent me 11 packets of ration. With 121 families its extremely tough for me to choose who is more in plight needy and more deserving, so i use a lot of discretion and Swamiji s name to ensure i m just.On one such occasion the Donor lady s ration packs were taken by me for distribution on a Thursday evening. By chance that day my husband had come home early and was resting so his driver was available for me and Delhi parking is a big task ,with so much ration to distribute it was a perffect situation, i called 11 families to an under foot bridge and stand in a que so that the mob doesn’t sorround me a little 400 meters away from Dharamshala, and distributed them the packets! Due to there opd commitments only 7 families collected the ration and we kept 4 packets back in my car to distribute them next day! Due to some unannounced relative coming next day i could only go to distribute the ration on Saturday.Since courts are half day on Saturdays, i could again use driver facility ,as i told guard of our house to upload the packets there were only 3 of them ,at this i asked the guard but i kept 4 packets back and 4 families are now waiting on my commitment under bridge to collect it! The guard simply said but the driver only took out 3 packets from the boot of the car! I looked at the Driver puzzled and he smirked a little ,i asked him we had 4 packets left ,where is the 4th? He said madam as you went inside the house ,a poor rikshaw puller came and cried to me ,he doesn’t have food in his house so i gave him one packet.It was quiet shocking that i was just a door bell away and knowing my temprament i would myself have given the ration to the Said rickshaw puller also how can a random rikshaw puller know we help people with ration and how then did our Driver who had no authority do this and rather than asking did not even inform me for 2 days .I am usually very loving for my staff ,rather in morning gratitude prayer i have always thanked God for giving us a good staff so that we can function smoothly, so i kept quiet but not as calm in mind and distributed the 3 remaining packets .After coming back home i contemplated on the drivers smirk and shared his side of story with my Husband. He first scolded me to trust guard and driver so much and then and there called the Driver and chucked him off the job with full month pay though 12 days of month completion were still left Though if it was me ,i would have warned and given him another chance but for whole staff to function honestly my husband took such an action.What would you have done if your staff without taking your permission or even informing u done so?