So as Indian conditioned house hold ,ours was no difference ,once graduation, post graduation, professional course and m.n.c. job were achieved, what was the next target for 23 year old? You guessed it right what my Great grand mother, my nani ,my Mumma ,my maasi, my bua and My house help too had done…yes yes Shadi, my parents themselves had a Prem vivah though i don’t know how as lucky or calculated that same cast ,same state and same Manglik dosh, but their daughter was never lucky in Love ( i never knew divine love till then) ,So we had a family meet between my parents, grand father and me ,that now its time for them to add a new Son to our family ,what zeroed inn as common demand was a educated and nuclear family preferably of same caste as ours and similar food prefrences and language skills! So a word was spread among common family friends and relatives to start looking for eligible bachelors for the Strawberry of my parents eyes! Just 5 days of our making our mind to plunge from comfort zone to real life ,my fathers college friend, who s family was now our friend now proposed us to see his elder brother s only C.a( charted accountant) son ,as he was 26 years and looking for a pretty ,educated and culturedl girl( i according to father s friend s family fit the puzzle perffectly) ,so we decided that instead of calling them to our house and i typically dressed in a saaree with pallu on head and tea tray with buiscuits in hand ( like most ghissi Pitti bolywood movies) will not present myself before them! Rather we can have a friendly at cofee shop of hotel Ashok on Saturday, that was 2 days away from the day dad s friend called us! So my mom suggested i get my eye brows ,upper lip and hair cut done to look a good and desirable marriage candidate! I till date know no makeup so i dressed in a decent navy blue high neck shirt with white churidaar and punjaabi juttis and pearl studs with baby pink lip gloss and on stipulated Saturday did reach the cofee shop! Before we entered the cofee shop already ,the biggest seating capacity table with 10 bamboo chairs facing each other were already occupied by my father s friend ,his brother ,brother s wife, brother’s Son and their sister or larke ki buaa! As we entered each measured my length ,breath and hight…thank God i dint say what s my area and volume! After some customery namaste and false smiles they did acting as if not hungry and we did formality arre here cheese cutlet and cofee are awsome! So as we ordered the most courteous buttler our order of club sandwich, cold cofee and cheese cutlet my Sweetest father said bhaisaab let our daughter show Malookaa( fictitious name) the garden around till the order comes! Ashoka hotel was actually my Baap ka hotel as he was with i.t.d.c ,so i was well versed with the number of stairs too which lead from lobby to convention hall! As Malooka( dont laugh,it took me 3 seconds to coin this name)and i walked towards the gardens from cofee shop his parents ,chacha and bua kept observing and comparing our height ,weight and colours! To make the tense moments light i smiled at Malooka and asked him what are your hobbies btw…like a job interview he immideately answered as if mugged up reading , stamp collection and swimming in our Maasi s private Swimming pool! Next he asked me do you have a boy friend? I said i have many friends who are boys ,to this he asked i mean do you want to marry? At this i counter questioned with a frown ,why would i meet u if i dont want to? Malooka said…parental pressure! I said after seeing me u think i can come under pressure? The next question Malooka shot at me you drink.

Yes i drink aloevera juice i thought and soon i ll be drinking your blood but my fathers friend s innocent face flashed before me and i said no! Next foolish and irritating question was do u smoke? To this i questioned him

Do u? I m a tea totaler with pride said Malooka…and i total numbers of cups of tea my grand father drinks in morning i grinned! Malooka could never digest my joke and kept a pocker face! His last question of C.a skills was the final nail in the coffin for me to even consider him to probably spend a life time with! It wad.
.how many marks will u give me from 1 to 10 ,10 being highest…in Mithyaa bhaav and vachan i had no choice but to say 7 ,wanted to say – 7 though! Thank God he dint ask where did my 3 number go! Anyway i had made up my mind he can never be my companion and in 10 minutes garden tour only ,i said lets go back to the table ,waiter must have come back with our order! As we entered all eyes scanned us ,in my eyes i already made my dad understand how disgusted i was ! Any way we gulped our food and with plastic smiles said bye to each others families in-between laughing on 100 times listened radio jokes never to even ask each other again …kyaa tumko larkee pasand aaayee???….next in the series soon! Swamily u too can share your similar experiences or bachaa party how your dad met your Mom!