Blog – Focus on yourself and not others ,
Vision is important part of a leadership , Vision means to see how you will be connected to reality ,
If you have a vision you cannot be in conflict with regard to reality , vision comes from book . We give the credit to woman , images of woman comes upon .
A woman had a privilege to have a position to have a vision , the woman has developed the brain faculty to see where the two eyes can not see , the man had not developed in her comparison to see more , that is why it is called that woman is the elite class of God’s creation .The woman images are coming in man,s vision usually
in making of human being , the posture or form what we have is the product of of solar system in which we exist , it is like a potters wheel , it is coming up from bottom when pot is being made . Therefore in all circumstances , we have to respect woman . She is the reflection of Goddess and Laxami .