Jai Shri Hari Family…..

I hope you all are doing justice with yourself. As today Swami ji said in hi video “Value yourself in LIFE”.

So it was yesterday when I was enjoying my dinner in big Dining Hall of hostel. I finished my dinner while my friend was still enjoying his dinner. So I started looking around. My friend said Abhishek what are you looking around, I replied ‘nothing’. But a thought was coming in my mind….

It was: “Every student here comes from different state different culture and with different mindsets. Everyone is struggling to manage here, the climate of Himachal and the food of hostel. Beside this everyone is eating the same food but still giving the different results.”

I wonder, nature is so strange. It’s all about mindset…

Now let me explain this with an example:

When we do sadhana, we do hawan at the end. The charu(an offering material) is almost same all the time (different when you are doing some kind of other sadhana), for a beginner like me I use same material as an offering. Every sadhana gives different results but the charu was same. Why so?

It’s because the mantra is different now, the mindset is different, this is where the outcome differs. The place is same, the agni(fire) is same, charu is same but the result is different.

So it’s up to us what kind of result we want, set your mindset accordingly and enjoy….Β 

Om Swami Om Swami Om Swami!

Pic Credits: grownandflown.com