We all get surprises for the world or god, but we shouldn’t expect everything in the world made is only for you. And we shouldn’t think that everything is never for you. Mostly everyone expect any big price. And when they get different price they hate it. If they get what they expected then others will get their mood unhappy.

Here is a story like this :

  The Foolish Donkey

Once their lived a God’s Statue maker. He used to make nice statues of Gods and Goddess. One day when he completed the statue making and kept them all on his donkey. He had to deliver them to the village near by. They started to go.

When they Reached the village and were going the people of the village started to give way. And they even kept “Namaste”(Holding hands together like bowing them.

The donkey thought they were bowing for him, he started doing style and walking in style. The Statue maker got angry and bet the donkey.

It was a donkey so’ we can bet it and control it but humans don’t understand and we can’t others. 

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