O desirable Mother
the highest consciousness
the radiance of three worlds
the syllable beyond
nothing in Nature compares to You
these eyes have neither beheld
such a sight
nor worthy of beholding You
no sage
no bhakta
a mere worshiper hopeful
of your benediction am I.
In your kindly ways
You’ve mothered me
You are the dazzling
shining lights in the sky
O Mother devour me
as an old chunk of gold
disappears into a burning fire
let your sweet fire burn me
the little afflictions
the worldly eyes
the wilful tongue brand it as yours
accept me as dust in your holy feet
decimate the old
so I can be gold.
You my darling Mother
are everything
You are Him
You are Her
Oh how do I find you
in your entirety.
Bits and pieces tiny glimpses
feelings past and new
no longer satisfy me
satisfy me, O Mother, unchain me
I want to run to You
uninhibited as a child would run
in your endearing arms
kiss your cheeks
tell stories
smile as You smile
all the while never taking eyes off
your alluring face
hoping my world will end
in your lap
You are the Universe
O Mother, promise me one day
You will swallow me…