I am guilty of not writing very often but life takes over my 24 hours. This is my excuse! Some 3 weeks ago I was coming towards home on the Harrogate road. It is a major trunk road on A61. On the opposite side I saw two older men on the pavement holding on to each other. One of them with the walking stick broke their fall. Eventually they both fell. 

Clearly I could see from the opposite side of the road that their fall was associated with a medical emergency. It was not an “inebriated” sort of fall. I still do not know their names to this date, but do know their ages. So lets call the older one John (94) and the younger one Ian (85).

I took a U turn on the loop turning and parked my car safely to check upon them. By that time another mother and teen-daughter (Beth) had pulled up. Beth was on the phone to the emergency services. I went to John, who was uncomfortably laying at a jaunty angle clearly in some discomfort. I slipped his head on my lap. He was the one who had tried to break the fall.

Ian had sustained a head would and was bleeding. Another passerby woman lent her wind cheater for Ian to rest his head. Whilst we  were asking John & Ian for some family members to contacts, Beth was getting really stressed out on the phone. I offered to help (I work in the NHS) but she declined. 

John’s daughter  (Louise) and son-in-law (Mark) live literally in the serviced apartments next to the pavement of this incidence. John was able to phone her. Both Louise & Mark arrived promptly.

In the meanwhile we found out that paramedics would be at least 2 hours. Soon some builders arrived, who were trained in 1st aid. Some prop up chairs were sourced by Louise and both old men were mounted on them. 

On asking Ian said he did not have any family and wished no one to be contacted. Not listening to Ian, Louise rang Ian’s daughter, since Ian’s head wound was cause of concern. 

Soon Ian’s daughter came too. My initial impression was she seemed really flustered and cross with Ian. Instead of waiting for the paramedics she reassured everyone that she would take Ian to A&E herself. I was a bit skeptical of her demeanour.

In the meanwhile, Louise & Mark took John back home, who was able to walk. They reassured everyone that they will get his pelvic checked for any undisplayed fractured since he broke the fall.

I was worried about Ian and dubious of his daughter. So I left the scene in deep thoughts that old people need so much love. Older people need to feel desired by their families. What if Ian’s daughter doesn’t take him to A&E. What if she hits him or tells him off….. Their “wants” are “few” but “need” may be “many”!

For coming few days my mind replayed John and Ian’s stoic faces with no complaints. Throughout this incidence John and Ian’s calmness was maddening. 

Today I saw them both again, walking with TWO walking sticks. There they were on the same stretch of pavement. I am unable to contain the joy, thus decided to share this incidence with you in a post.  Another introspective notion made me realise, how judgemental of me to view Ian’s daughter like that! 🙏🏼