The two most important traits of a human being are to love yourself and love others. Bringing harmony within ourselves and with others not only set us in peace but also combines the universal forces to act in our favour.

Adoring one’s lifestyle by respecting one’s health and mind becomes crucial in sustaining human life. Attaching a routine of exercise and a good diet means highly respecting your body. Acknowledging the skills and understanding you have will enhance your mental health. Respect your past decisions without any guilt and try to forgive your faults and move on with the life God has given to you.

Having a soft spot for others and appreciating their efforts will bring the best human in you. Without judging, look for good deeds a person has done rather than picking up faults. This shows the understanding of the principle of humility that a personality is adhere to personal experience rather than character. Stop being jealous of the people higher than you or stop hurting people lower than you to balance out the forces of nature in your favour.

So, forgive yourself by counting your blessings and having compassion when dealing with others. Respecting the presents God has given to you and regarding others’ behaviours without finding many mistakes helps us understand what forgiveness means.