Jai Sri Hari!

Narayani Namostute!

Shaantaa Mahanto Nivasanti Santo Vasantovallokhitam Charantah|

Teernaah Swayam Bheembhavaarnvam Jananhetunaanyaanapi Taaryantah||

Translation: Those who are free from this world already and helping others to attain the same state without any expectations, still doing their karmas for Benefit of this world, to make it a better place, such self realized souls (Saints) walk on this earth like King of all seasons Spring, Rituraj Vasant.

So beautiful it is, this verse is from Vivekchudamani, written by Aadi Guru Shankaraachaarya. That’s what swami ji motivates us to do and do himself too.

What are the four things that you need before self realisation or to attain that state?

1. नित्यानित्य वास्तु का विवेक

To know what is permanent and what is not. Our scriptures tells us, Brahm Satyam Jaganmithya, only parambrahma supreme consciousness is true and rest is just illusion. First you have to accept this then comes next step. Continuous meditation on one thought, bhava and reading scriptures which are helpful in your journey will help you to stay motivated.

2. लौकिक और पारलौकिक सुख भोगों से वैराग्य

I don’t know which word will better explain Vairagya. For now let’s call it detachment. Detachment from all pleasures of this world and higher one’s. Once you’ll realise everything is temporary then this step is not difficult for you anymore, because now you have realised this not just thinking that scriptures said this so I’ll do, first you have to experience this reality. By seeing and listening to others experience you’ll realise there is no pleasure in actual and eventually detachment will happen.

3. शम, दम, उपरति, तितिक्षा, श्रद्धा, समाधान

These six are your eternal wealth.शम, each time you see a thing and look at it mindfully and then you’ll feel nothing in actual, no attraction at all you are detached from the roots that’s called as शम. दम, drawing both the sense of action and the sense of knowledge away from their objects and establishing them in their respective goals. उपरति, by not taking shelter of external activities to allow your mind to escape. तितिक्षा, being free from worry and grief, tolerating all kinds of sufferings without any retribution. श्रद्धा,  to understand the truth in the scriptures and Guru’s words. समाधान, keeping your intellect always fixed in the pure Brahman in all respects.

4. मुमुक्षुता

There are so many imaginary bondages of ignorance from the ego to the end, the desire to renounce them through the knowledge of one’s own form, wisdom of true self, desire to attain moksha is called मुमुक्षुता.

Hope we achieve all these. Congratulations and Pranam to all those who already achieved these four pillars.

That’s all for today. I hope this write up was of some help to you.

Thanks for reading.

Jai Sri Hari!

Pic Credits: flickr.com