A crashing interrupts my silence
If I had a choice, I would not listen
But if I did, I would leap the fence
So I suppose it makes sense
To keep me under the eye of a camera lens

For all I can see are these four white walls
And this is all I will see for many, many falls
I slammed my head against these very walls
But yet nobody outside has listened to my calls
So I scream louder, until my voice is echoing down these halls

Now it is spring, and a choice opens up for me
So you’ll finally come to see what I see
And if I die, I could tell you what I wanted to be
But I see no use in telling you my story
But I will say that if you shared my mentality
Things would be different, especially how you see me


Update: Hello All! I’ve received feedback from several readers that this poem is hard to understand. So here’s a bit of an explanation. The theme of this poem is of somebody being trapped and trying to get out. You can think of this as a prison inmate. Or you can interpret this however you want. Be sure to tell me your interpretation of it!

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