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Sant Kabir in one of his dohas tells us that men who carry money with them on dark Nights are likely to be waylaid and will be  robbed. But equally men who live and walk in the darkness of ignorance and unawareness  are also likely  to be looted  from the enemies within us , that is Kama, Krodh,Lobh, Moha and Anhakar . ( Kama, anger , lust, attachment and proud ). It is better to introspect ( examine your thought and feeling ) yourself  and try to find your internal set up of mind and heart ❤️ and resigned to fate and surrender to God if you want peace and happiness   , please do not drag your mind . Life is very fragile, handle with care with love and affection .The purpose of life to get peace,tranquility  and happiness.Money cannot give the peace ,it can give you only  physical comfort and material .

Om Shanti 

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