To have friends with whom you can share anything and everything is a God’s blessing. But what to do if you are an introvert and had only 2 or 3 friends in school and with them too, you are no longer in touch. Let me help you (even if you don’t need) because the above statement is not for you. It’s my life’s reality as i am an introvert and i don’t have any friends. At the most, i have classmates who helps me in college assignments and i also help them in work related to college etc. The fact is that i no longer try to make friends because it takes a lot of time and energy, which is honestly not worth it for someone like me who has understood the reality of friendship.

All of my school friends have moved on further in their lives, they even meetup and have get-togethers but i am never invited. Infact, they don’t even know whether i exist or not. I don’t blame them either because i didn’t really gelled with them in school and i was most of the time alone in school. Even i didn’t called them after graduating from school and not even tried to be in touch with them. So, i am also at fault like them. But i wish to God that these strangers who were once my friends (but not anymore)get a lot of happiness, success and friends in their lives.

Ultimately, all of our friends will leave us, this is the harsh reality. As they will get busy in their respective lives. As the conditions, situations and places like schools, colleges, workplaces (which made those friendships possible) changes, all of our friends will change and worse, those old friends will leave us. If we accept this fact sooner rather than later, then we will not have that much stress, anxiety and feeling of being left out when they will not pick up our calls or when they will ignore us.

I heard one of Om Swami Ji’s earliest discourse on Youtube titled ‘Dhyana Yoga’ in which he said something which got etched in my mind. Swami Ji said ‘ Sher bhi kabhi jhund mein chalta hai kya?’ (Does a lion walks in a herd ?) And every time i have thoughts about my old friends, i only repeat this line in my head.

So, if you don’t have any friends then don’t feel left out because you are in an elite league of great heroes like Batman, James Bond and Kunal Arora (just kidding), who are also very big loners as they don’t have any friends.

Kyunki Sher Kabhi Jhund Mein Nahi Chalte.


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