Jai Shri Radhey Shyam!

I offer my obeisance to the Divine in you…

I’m blessed soul, yes indeed I’m, well I’ll say we all are specially blessed… And trust me if you are reading this you are truly blessed (Just Kidding)🀭🀭

From my last post , its been so long since I wrote something or I read something, that post was written with some different Bhava that I didn’t know what to write now. Sorry I didn’t read any post of our os.me family members, really I don’t know why but I felt sorry….

I met one of my close relative, from title you got the idea, yes he was a murderer… I used to stay away from him since childhood, few years back I started talking to him nicely (because one of Saint whom I love from heart, I learned from him to treat people equally).

So they came to our home, I was busy in my evening pooja and my dainik karma, he came to have my Krishna’s Darshans(I’ll share darshans with you at the end). I was singing bhajans written in Braj language. Then I performed Aarti Seva and after all rituals

he asked me: “Have you ever had any Darshana of Thakur Ji in dream?”

I gently smiled and nodded my head in saying no…

I personally don’t feel good to share my experience until my ishta forces to tell me… Personally if you had any dream, you need some years to protect the effect of that dream before sharing that…

So he said to me: “If you don’t had any then there is lack of surrender” That’s actually true in my case.

He completed his words by saying: “Everyday you should tell your feelings to Shri Hari and request him to accept you, he’ll definitely accept you.”

He delivered a great satsang while we were walking on our terrace. And I was surprised to see this change…

I don’t feel good share his routine but he used to spend 2 hours in morning and evening total 4 hours in front of his altar, and this is for more than 15 years now…. I know he is blessed by divine and I pray to Shri Hari to bless us all……

Whatever he was saying he was feeling that, that’s more important…

I hope you all are fine.. I pray to Maa to bless you all.

Pic credits: krishna.orgΒ 

As I promised I’ll share my Altar:(It’s not that much expensive or good looking, its something I can afford and I’m offering my everything to him):

From murderer to a devotee. 2

Thanks for reading.

Sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings…

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