I was 14years old when I realized the immensity of blood donation.  I was a potential recipient as I had to undergo a surgery, luckily there was no need for it.. Fast forward 5years, at college was when I knew that my blood type was O negative; a universal donor and  sought after  (not complaining  😀). At 20something for the first time i nervously donated blood. I can tell you its addictive…as I have continued to be a donor for the past 25 years. Fours years ago, once after donation i blacked out on my way home and hurt myself (totally coz of my stupidity). For 10 months after that I did not offer to donate blood but there was a gnawing feeling. Btw every 60 days you can donate if you are a healthy person. So back to my story, God on top of making me  a universal donor has  gifted me with good health and a brave heart. For once without shame I can admit that  am back on my addiction and my good ol’ ways😁

What are the benefits to you as a donor….1. You get a free check up on your BP and blood quality 2. You get rid of excess iron 3. It improves your heart condition. Also such an altruistic and kind act is positively stimulating for one’s psyche.

So remember you dont have to be Batman to save the world…..just donate blood (before the mosquitoes get to them)