Will you be my mother? DoingLike in a tomb, my soul lay buried in this crowded world. 
All it could see around were the remnants of a tired existence. 
Glimpses of light showed through the small windows, left open in the tall walls of duty surrounding it , but not bright or warm enough to rejuvenate and repair it. Years passed in seeking and then for reasons unknown or unacknowledged, it gave up hope of ever finding the guiding light to show the way forward .

I turned half a century old and just when I felt the time had passed now, mine came.
With folded hands i had left things to destiny and then..
with open arms destiny embraced me…

My mason, my messiah ,my guru arrived as my 50th birthdays first gift and…
life has never been the same again. 
I’ve  heard that guru’s chose their disciples and the feeling of being ‘The Chosen One’ warms my heart like nothing ever did.
Since that momentous day, my life has been entwined with his. I am sure its a pain for him but the pleasure truly is all mine!!
One of his divine fingers is always clasped in mine like a child holds onto a parent’s  hand in a crowded place.
I have constant conversations with him and revel in this imaginary chatter where he lovingly nudges me to become a better person and grow.
He tells us that god exists and that he has seen him and I claim to have seen mine too..in HIM.
I am not doing enough of what it would take to lead me to GOD as somewhere the journey with my guru is so beautiful that as for now I am content revelling in that. For this life I am too overjoyed to have found him.
I ve heard that god lives in the hearts that are pure but my guru, an embodiment of kindness, love and generosity lives in mine which is far from being pure. 

My guru’s grace has made 
The tomb..a temple. 
My soul stands tall and centred in it, anchored in faith and love. Its no longer buried, its now alive and resides peacefully in its renewed home.
I bow to my guru, my swamiji, my pita, my sakha forever…

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