Bhagirathi Ji did a lot of penance so as to get Ganga Ji Avtarit on Earth. Although, all his ancestors of Ikshvaku Dynasty also did penance for the same cause but all of them died without having any success. Bhagirathi Ji prayed to Brahma Ji fervently so as to get Ganga Ji flowing on Earth with his grace. Because he knew that when the ashes of his ancestors will be immersed in Ganga Ji,then only their souls will get Mukti. So, he started doing hard penance with his hands folded and raised in the air and also by standing on just one thumb of his one foot. Brahma Ji, after getting happy from Bhagirathi Ji’s intense penance,  manifested in front of him. Bhagirathi Ji paid his humble obeisance to Brahma Ji and Brahma Ji asked him what does he want. Bhagirathi Ji said that he want Ganga Ji which is flowing in Swarg right now,to flow on Earth and provide Mukti to his ancestors. Brahma Ji said that he can’t do it because the intensity with which Ganga will fall on Earth from Swarg will destroy all the Three Lokas. To this Bhagirathi Ji said that what is the solution and Brahma Ji advised him to pray to Shiv Ji because in this whole universe, only Mahadev has the potency to withstand the intensity of Ganga.