In the previous post, you read about my failures. It takes courage to realise that my hobby adventure failed.

Garden diaries #thewritechoice 2However, my chilli plants turned out amazing. Fresh chillies from the garden were amazing. And celery! They turned out mini celeries. Haha.

Garden diaries #thewritechoice 3My coriander turned out mini as well. And what to say about my second attempt at bitter gourd. Mini bitter gourd, like really small. I get 2-3 almost every day.Garden diaries #thewritechoice 4

Garden diaries #thewritechoice 5My Tulsi plant turned out amazing, beautiful and almost luminous in daylight. It held strong even during the cyclonic periods. I couldn’t figure out if the leaves were dark green, light green, violet, or blue. Bees and very nasty birds started coming to visit my garden and they were very fond of my flowers and avocados.

Garden diaries #thewritechoice 6 Garden diaries #thewritechoice 7 Garden diaries #thewritechoice 8My white, red and violet hibiscus are my little children. The pride of my garden. My lemongrass and vétiver became giants. I had to keep trimming them. The lemongrass infusion is 👌🏼. The aroma, the taste and the clarity of mind that follows after sipping the infusion hot, warm or even chilled, right back. I have something to infuse! 

🌸Hari Om🌸