Life itself is a process, a bit mathematical, a bit physical. But just the thought that there is something beyond the confines of standard living is a very positive idea. If you begin to explore your spiritual nature you will surely feel that some clearer vision is mirrored before you. Ordinary living isn’t in front of you, it’s outlined by its old geometry. But life outside the box is the cessation of everything that has lasted too long. What you’re at the moment is enough in itself. But if you want to be what you are not, then that means you expect new solutions in everything. In the beginning, spiritual practice is like an additive to life – but as time goes on, life itself becomes an additive to your new style of looking at things. There’s a lot of everything in it. Life without a spirit is too ordinary to be enough. The spiritual path is timeless, comprehensive and full of real optimism. No other thing in this world has that quality.
Great dynamism and energy emerges when you decide to live a life that’s not just ordinary mechanics. More precisely, it’s the only thing that’s only yours and the only thing that you really own.

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