Glory of His Love

In the Love of Mother Divine He rises like a Lovely intense Fire
In reverence of the Lotus Eyed, Pundarikaksh, He becomes Ocean of Love.

Lost in Her, He is but Her.
Having Found Himself in Him. He is but Him.

He sways like a Swirling Dervish as He chants His names.
His Love brought The Lord down amidst us.
He left the Lord with no choice but to be seated in Him…

The Divine vessel of the Mother Divine on His Left
of the Lord of the Lords – Lord Narayan on His Right.

Oh! How do I word the Glory of that one – Om Swami,
established in Universal Union in graceful poise.

I am yet to know that one – Om Swami

Glory of his love 2Glory of his love 3Glory of his love 4

(My Most Favourite Pictures of Sri Hari Bhagwaan and Swami ji) 

Many times this wave within me surges to write about Bhagwaan and sometimes about Swami ji. This Poem came about when I was writing the concluding note of my writing titled – My Musings with Sri Hari. Sharing with you all the poem here. 🙂 

Jai Sri Hari 😊

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