God has always been a brother or pal to me to share my secrets or sing my demands too
He has also ensured i dont lie…. so lets recall some incidents…i was in marketing division of a leading hair colour brand and we had targets.

No office reporting times or physical presence neccessary if we met our target..so without mobile phone or pager no one could track our location or where abouts… my boss thought he is smarter and one day called me on my house land line to check weather i m still home ,he knew i and my husband only live in our newly wedded family ….i picked the receiver neither he spoke hello nor i …i kept holding it for 3 minutes when a meek voice from other side came.

Hellllo…it was my father’s maternal aunt…ensured its her i said hello loudly and she complained why was i not responding and she thought of all possible dacoits holdings me hostage. I laughed a lot at this and promised myself i wont lie..

Next incident was my husband finding an ointment of barnol tube without cap…how careless and clumsy can u be he roared…my marketing mind immideately answered..there was a scheme if we return cap company gives us 10 rs off on 30 rs tube he smiled and said ok…but a week later he found the tube cap under dressing table and again…God dint want me to lie….
..Fast forward my daughter’s play school time was getting late and it was deep winter..we were unable to find her cap so i made her wear her father s cap telling her dont tell papa as he was very possessive of his Manchester United cap given by his favorite uncle …so as both father and daughter had a glucose biscuits dip dip tea time God again ensured i dont lie and she said Papa i ll not tell u that i wore your woolen cap today!………. now another….my kids love coke like their mom….so every time to reduce its side effects i ensured to mix more than half water in it.I told my mom when she asked for it at their place H 2 0..
But god dint want me to lie so she said mummy u have asked nani to put water in it. As a new bee after marriage we had a distant relative dinner and i brought gravy from an afghani restaurant to mix in chhole to get the perffect amritsari taste..

So all licked their fingers and wanted to lick mine too on such tasty delight…but God dint want me to lie so they found a poly bag with restaurant s name hiding as a ball on kitchen slab..

These are some of the many incidents where God ensured i dont lie….if you like it i ll share more. Dont want to make this plat form a me me me series but only os.me !

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