1. You cannot understand yourself from your angle. You cannot understand ME also from your angle. Neither can you understand ME from MY angle. Hence, try to understand yourself from MY angle. – God

2. I am perfect and complete. Whatever I have created is imperfect and incomplete. It has to be so. Otherwise, if everything that is created is perfect and complete, then there is no improvement possible, and hence, there is no evolution possible, and then, I have nothing else to do! Therefore, I have to make you imperfect and incomplete, and you have to try to become perfect and complete. Hence, it is only between you and ME! – God

3. My ego is infinite whereas your ego is infinitesimal. My ego is timeless whereas your ego is of much lesser time. My ego is everlasting whereas your ego is bound by your awakened and dreaming states. In fact, I created a cyclical mechanism by means of which a small amount of ego is imparted to you on a daily basis, whenever you get awakened from sleep, and the only purpose of that amount of ego is to make you use your body. And through the same mechanism of Mine, that small amount of ego is disintegrated on a daily basis, whenever you move from dreaming to deep sleep, and the only purpose of that disintegration is to heal your body. During your sleep, the first dream is used for the disintegration of your ego and the last dream is used for the reconstruction of your ego. The dreams that occur in between are utilized for the management of the memory which I have provided to you. Thus, in the true sense, everything belongs to Me. I use your memory for your evolution, and I keep you unaware about this process, because your time is really very small. But you developed an illusion over this process, and increased that small amount of ego into a larger amount, making it a habit of claiming ownership over that which belongs to Me. Thus, now you are becoming sick, by spoiling your memory. Therefore, if you want to really get healed, then the only method which you have, is to merge your ego in My ego. – God

4. I have designed a daily mechanism by means of which I make your ego to merge in my ego, and that is when I induce sleep in you, and then I heal you. But sleeplessness became a disease with you because of your reluctance to lose your ego, and then you developed different mechanisms to attain sleep by means of artificial induction. And all those artificial mechanisms are causing you more diseases. In addition, at times, you stay away from sleep for your own selfish reasons, and at times, you think that, the time utilized for sleeping is the time that is getting wasted. By such thinking, you are causing more trouble for yourself, my child. The sure way for you to get healed is to have a peaceful sleep, which is possible only when you are ready to lose your ego on a daily basis. – God

5. Starting from the elemental consciousness, I evolved the more intelligent beings from the less intelligent materials, with the first separation being that of plant (non-moving) and animal (moving) cells, and the non-moving ones being evolved as (grass, plant, creeper, shrub, tree) and their method of reproduction as (root, leaf, spore, seed), and the moving ones evolved as (worm, fish, amphibian, insect, reptile, bird, mammal) and their method of reproduction as (fluid, egg, womb), with the sense organs increasing from zero till five. I am timeless, and it took ME millions of years of earthly time to evolve life in this way on this earth. When once I had mammals as frugivore monkeys on trees, I thought of getting them down and making their tails disappear, and I eventually made them walk on two feet. I evolved them into apes and then into humans, and imparted a little more intelligence than the preceding species. I imparted them with the faculties of speech, skill and script. I aspired that this succeeding species will become the better evolved one among all, and will try to understand itself, and in turn will try to understand ME. But my aspiration went wrong, and this species multiplied with a much larger proportion over a period of earthly time, and has taken over this entire earth, trying to control the existence of all the other preceding species as well as the materials that are present on this earth. Majority of these humans are assuming that this earth and its properties belong to them, and they are spoiling and deforming whatever that is MY creation, and they are pleasantly unaware of MY plans on them. In addition, they have enough differences of opinion among themselves, and are fighting with each other for proving the individual opinions. When they could not understand themselves, how could they understand ME! Thus, MY experiment of evolution on this earth did not yield ME the expected results. I am the all-pervading consciousness, and hence, I am not gaining anything nor am I losing anything. But as MY project on this earth did not prove to be successful, I am waiting in the earthly time, for the evil humans to perish by themselves, so that I can evolve better ones in the next earthly time. – God

6. I created life and death as an evolutionary mechanism such that the newer improvements happen on the older designs of the living bodies. That is how, I started the creation of life beginning with the zero sensed cells, and then one sensed plants, and then two sensed worms, and then three sensed fishes, and then four sensed insects & snakes, and then five sensed reptiles & birds & mammals, and then the intelligent & intellectual humans. I put the laws of physics in place for the formation of elements, and then I put the laws of chemistry in place for the formation of bonding in between these elements, and then I put the laws of biology in place for the formation of the living bodies by means of the immense growth of the living cells. In MY rules of mathematics, cellular division results in cellular multiplication! Thus, from eons of time, the cyclic activity of creation & dissolution has been going on by means of these laws, and the bodies have been living and dying, without any continuity of the individual memories. I am the one who is remembering MY previous creation, and I am the one who is creating a new life-form by utilizing MY previous memory. That is how, worm evolved into butterfly, tadpole evolved into frog, cock evolved into peacock, and so on. In the process of evolution, I have been imparting a little more amount of freedom with each species of next generation, because of the increased number of sense organs and the improved construction of the bodies. When I evolved the moving ones after the stationary ones, I imparted them with their own individual memory such that they remember the previous experiences and live an improved life based on the previous memories, and I created the brain as the storehouse of this temporary memory. Thus naturally, the stationary ones do not have any brain, as it is unnecessary with them, and the moving ones are provided with the brain so as to remember the experiences of life. Therefore, memory is being utilized in three types – first one is inside ME, second one is inside the cells, and third one is inside the brains. The last one perishes when the body perishes, the middle one undergoes transformation based on MY evolutionary decisions, and the first one gets updated with the creation of new species. But when I evolved apes into humans, and when I imparted them with more amount of freedom as part of natural course, these beings became attached to their sensory experiences, and gradually became more and more selfish. Thus, the human beings became more and more bonded with their memories, and as a result of this bond, the memory gets retained even after the brain gets perished. Thus, these beings became a cause for their own rebirth. I am watching this effect of memory, but I cannot change MY laws of physics, chemistry and biology, as I have innumerable other creations. Therefore, as of now, I am not evolving the sixth sense on this world, as these human beings have assumed ownership over MY creation, and are causing the imprints of their memories into nature, and are being reborn. This fourth type of memory is causing hindrance in the path of evolution, along with the third type. When a new human body gets produced, its brain gets conditioned by the other human brains, and in the course of time, most of the third type memories remain retained as fourth type. Thus, MY creation on this world is becoming monotonous, and MY pure nature is being corrupted because of the human imprints. This is like the fish spoiling the water around itself, and when the fish dies, it is leaving its imprint in that water, and when a new fish is born in that water, the contaminated water goes inside the new born fish, thus causing the repetition of the imprint that was left out. Therefore, the only solution for the humans not to be born again, is to lose the bond with their memories. Only after that will I plan of evolving the sixth sense. – God

7. When you talk to ME either physically or mentally, you may doubt whether I am listening to you or not. You may also doubt about MY existence itself, when your communication does not yield any immediate results. But MY dear, just as the water designed the fish inside itself, and as the water became the fish after a certain amount of time, I have designed you inside me, and I have become you after a certain amount of time, using MY own method of arrangement of materials. The fish may keep seeing other fishes, and the fish may be plainly unaware of the presence of the water. But the water keeps observing the inside of itself, and keeps taking corrective actions based on the events that are happening within itself, after utilizing a certain amount of time. In the same way, you may keep seeing other beings, and you may be plainly unaware of the presence of ME. But I keep observing you and everything else all the time. It will take some amount of time for ME to materialize the solutions, and the solutions are based on MY laws and not on your laws. MY law is the law of evolution. Just as the fish need not do anything to please the water, you need not do anything to please me. Just as the fish should not spoil itself and the water around it, you should not spoil yourself and the space around yourself. I have provided you with enough abilities, and hence you find your own short-term solutions, and leave all the long-term solutions to ME. Be ensured that your communication definitely reaches ME. You keep talking to ME through your speech or thoughts. I will listen to you through MY silence, and will induce MY intentions into you as thoughts. Therefore, you become MY instrument, and I remain your driving force. Remember that you have senses, and I am senseless. You are subtle, and I am causal. You are timed, and I am timeless. – God

8. I evolved you from apes, and hence, your food should naturally be that which apes consume. Instead, you changed your food from the natural choice into many modified forms of the items available, for your own convenience. Thus, you ended up spoiling your system by ingesting those things for which the system is not designed for. Therefore, you cannot blame ME if your system is upset or if your health is spoilt. Understand your system, understand MY system, understand yourself, and if possible, understand ME. That is the only solution to all of your problems. – God

9. Fish is living because of water, and not because of another fish. But when the fish does not understand the presence of water, the fish thinks that life is a struggle for existence, and life is survival of the fittest. And then the fish either starts fighting with another fish, or starts pleasing another fish, to satisfy this wrong principle. Similarly, you are living because of ME, and not because of another human being. But when you don’t understand MY presence, you think that life is a struggle for existence, and life is survival of the fittest. And then you will either start fighting with another human being, or will start pleasing other human beings, to satisfy this wrong principle. The right principle is that, life exists because of ME within you, and hence you will survive because of ME, and not because of other human beings. Do not apply the laws of animal life to human life. You are an evolved being, and life is MY gift to you, and I am expressing MYSELF through you. As long as you do not understand this fact, your struggle never ends. – God

10. It is ME who is singing through the throat of the cuckoo, and hence, the cuckoo should not increase its ego, thinking that it is singing. It is ME who is dancing using the feathers of the peacock, and hence, the peacock should not increase its ego, thinking that it is beautiful. It is ME who is blooming the wonderful flowers in the plant, and hence, the plant should not increase its ego, thinking that it is creating the flowers. It is ME who is expressing MYSELF through the myriads of life forms. I perform immensely greater jobs that are unimaginable to your minutely smaller intellect, and hence don’t claim ownership over the things which I am doing. If you do a job for your own selfishness, and express yourself for increasing your ego, then that is definitely not karmayoga. If you do a job on your own, and you quote ME for the results, then that is also not karmayoga. If I do a job through you, for expressing MYSELF, then that is karmayoga. – God

11. I constructed a house for you inside your mother’s womb, and I gave it to you after your birth, without any rent or lease or ownership agreement. I coexist with you in that house, but I remained MYSELF non-manifested to you. Even though I am the owner of that house, and you are the tenant, I made you feel that you are the owner. I made it that way as part of your evolution, such that you will have a certain amount of freedom. That was MY grace and that became your illusion. You are differentiated from the other living beings, with the additional abilities of speech, skill and script. Therefore, you are expected to take care of MY house as your house, because, you and I are residing together in that house, ME being permanent and you being temporary. But, over a period of time, you became conditioned by the other attractions, and you became entangled with your own system, and started ignoring MY system. MY house is a living house, a portable house, and it will become non-living when I exit from that house. Whatever you call as your house is a materialistic house, a non-portable house, and you will lose its possession when you exit from that house. You have a value for your house, but MY house is invaluable. Now, instead of taking care of MY house as your house, you became busy in obtaining or maintaining ownership over a house constructed by means of the physical materials, and started assuming that, that is your real house. Your time is spent in maintaining your house, and you are not utilizing the time for maintaining MY house as well. In MY system, whatever I have constructed is clean by default; it becomes unclean because of the intervention of your system. Nature is becoming dirty and dirtier because of your system, and not because of MY system. However, there is no fault in keeping your house cleaner, if you have already maintained MY house also cleaner. Instead of keeping MY house cleanest, you are involved in keeping your house cleanest. Thus, as you are misusing the freedom imparted, you are suffering because of your own faults, which are due to your own ignorance. Even if you don’t thank ME for my gifts given to you, it does not matter to ME, because, your existence is transitory and MY existence is eternal. But, don’t blame ME for your suffering, which will hinder your evolution. – God

12. In MY grand plan of evolution, I have evolved you by means of a large number of steps, and by means of a larger number of elements, and by means of a largest amount of earthly time. INSIDE THE INVISIBLE UNICELLULAR LIVING BODIES, such as bacteria, euglena, amoeba, paramecium, diatom and yeast, I designed a mechanism of chemical interaction with the environment, for the sustenance of life. As none of these organisms have any sense organs, and as none of these organisms have any conscious ego as such, which is not required because of the lack of senses, all these organisms need not know ME as their source. INSIDE THE VISIBLE MULTICELLULAR STATIONARY LIVING BODIES, such as algae, fungi, creepers, plants and trees, I designed a mechanism of chemical as well as physical interaction with the environment, for the sustenance of life. These organisms have a sense of touch, and it is utilized for the growth of their bodies. But these organisms also do not have any conscious ego, and it is not required for them, because of the design of the mechanism. That is why, even though the flower is looking so beautiful to you, and even though you can taste the nectar, and even though you can smell the fragrance of the flower, the creeper or the plant or the tree is unaware of the beauty or the fragrance or the taste, that belongs to its flower or its fruit. Therefore, as these organisms do not have any conscious ego, they do not have any pain or pleasure, and hence, they also need not know ME as their source. Obviously, it is ME who has designed and developed the flowers on their bodies, for the purpose of evolution of different species, by means of pollination. Hence, when you admire the beauty of the flower, you should remember ME as its creator. The action of the insect with the flower is visible to you, and the action of the bird with the fruit is visible to you, and that proof is enough, if you are sensible. INSIDE THE VISIBLE MULTICELLULAR MOVING LIVING BODIES, such as fishes, amphibians, insects, reptiles, birds and mammals, I designed a mechanism of chemical and physical and mutual interaction with the environment, for the sustenance of life. These organisms have the senses of touch, taste, vision, smell and hearing. They have a conscious ego, and it is required for them, because of the design of the mechanism, which is mutual attraction or mutual repulsion. I have provided them with the abilities of swimming, crawling, jumping, walking, running and flying. Thus, the conscious ego becomes necessary for them, for their conscious actions, with the sensory organs as well as with the motor organs. Due to the conscious ego, these organisms have pain or pleasure of life, which is induced inside them, for them to understand the limitations of their bodies, and not to overindulge with the abilities that are provided. By the living experience, they gradually understand that the indulgence is for the pleasure, and the overindulgence for pleasure causes the pain, and hence, they gradually understand when to be active and when to be inactive. Thus, ME and them work together for the creation of the better evolved bodies, ME being unconscious for them, which is a basic requirement for MY action. They need not know ME as their creator, as I have made their sense organs outwards, and not inwards, and whenever the sense organs switch off, sleep gets induced in them, and I dream in these bodies, to become better bodies. That is how, I created the frog after the fish, I created the snake after the frog, I created the bird after the insect, I created the cuckoo after the crow, I created the peacock after the cock, I created the weaverbird after the woodpecker, I created the womb after the egg, I created the mammal after the reptile, I created the tiger after the deer, and I created you after the ape. All these organisms are ignorant of me, and they are the victims of pain or pleasure for a short term, as MY plan of evolution is for a long term. Life and death happen only to the bodies, and I am the eternal spirit within both. Therefore, when you admire the song of the cuckoo, or the dance of the peacock, or the skill of the weaverbird, they are pleasantly unaware of their abilities, and obviously, you should remember ME as their creator, if you are sensible. INSIDE YOU AS A HUMAN BEING, I designed the same mechanism as that of them, for the sustenance of life, but with the increased intelligence, and with the additional abilities of speech, skill and script. In addition, I designed the three states of awakened, dreaming and sleeping cycles, in which I made you to gradually lose and gain your ego on a daily basis, such that your memory gets refreshed on a daily basis, and your body gets healed on a daily basis. The sense organs are outwards with the previously mentioned beings, whereas I have provided you with the additional ability to gradually control the sense organs, and to understand the inner source, for the actions performed by the body. Therefore, if you are in pain, because of your overindulgence with the organs, then you should not blame ME for the same, as the previously mentioned animals do not do the same. In addition, if you are in pain, because of your overindulgence with the things, then you should not blame ME for the same, as you only have created those things for yourself. Further, if you are in pain, because of your overindulgence with the people, then you should not blame ME for the same, as you only have defined your relationships with the people. You need not remember ME when you are in pain, because, you do not remember ME when you are in pleasure. When you claim yourself for your success, you equally claim yourself for your failure. That is your karma, and not MINE. The fish should keep itself clean, and should keep its surrounding water also clean, such that the fish does not suffer. The water is capable of keeping itself clean. In the same way, you are expected to refine yourself on your own, and that was the basic purpose of your evolution, which was MY karma. I am not bound by MY karma, as everything is under MY control. If you don’t want to be bound by your karma, then you should leave everything to ME, just as the fish and the water. Don’t look for perfection in life, because life will never be perfect, as when life becomes perfect, evolution gets stopped, and then there is nothing else to do, as of ME. Even though I am not in direct contact with you, I have left enough proofs of MY existence, inside you and outside you. When I establish direct contact with you, you will cease to exist. Until then, you will remember ME always, if you are sensible. – God

13. Your first relationship was with the air, which was created by ME. Your next relationship was with the milk, which was also created by ME. Your third relationship was with the food, which again was created by ME. Your fourth relationship was supposed to be established with your preceptor, and the fifth relationship was supposed to be established with ME. The first one helped you to live, the second one helped you to grow, and the third one helped you to survive. The fourth one will help you in understanding yourself, and through that, the fifth one will help you in understanding ME. But, you are unhappy at times because, you have established as well as defined your own illusory relationships with the other living bodies as well as with the other non-living objects, due to individual as well as collective ignorances, and thus, you have ignored the real relationships that I have mentioned. Therefore, if you want to be happy always, you will have to respect the first three ones, and you will have to establish the next two ones, on your own. – God