Your daughter is very bright. We will be happy to have her in our school”. Please proceed to accounts department and Ms Ahmed will guide you further,” said Mrs Nair.

Nishi was super excited to hear these words. She and Aditya, her husband, were preparing her daughter – Mitthi- for months to appear for this much awaited interview in one of the prestigious schools of the city.

After finishing the formalities with the accounts department, Nishi ran to the principal’s office, where Aditya and Mitthi were waiting to hear some positive response.

Nishi was filled with pride, joy, excitement and all positive emotions when she opened the cabin door of the Principal’s room, however, the moment she stepped in she felt a strange heaviness in the air.

She simply sat on the assigned chair and everyone was silent, except the Principal.

“ I am telling you I can only arrange 10,000 and that’s too small to even start the admission process. Please think about someone who can help Mahi,” and he hung up.

He looked very disturbed and was searching for something in his drawer.

Aditya whispered to Nishi, “I have decided to sponsor Mahi’s education”.
Nishi was shocked.

Who is this Mahi, where did she enter this moment, why Aditya is least bothered to even ask about her own daughter’s admission? So many questions were crossing her mind but her hands were checking the fee structure sheet.

“Mahi is a young girl waiting outside and she wants to study here. Her father recently passed away and she is the eldest among her siblings with no financial support. Didn’t you see her sitting outside the Principal’s cabin?”, asked Aditya.

Nishi’s mind immediately checked the scanned images she had stored while entering this cabin.

One old lady, a petite middle aged woman and a young girl with a black mask were standing near the cabin’s door.

“Ms Nishi, you guys are amazing. Mahi will not disappoint you. She is sincere I feel. Can we please call her inside,”? asked Principal.

Nishi nodded in Yes.

Mahi, bit hesitantly entered the room and stood beside Nishi.

“What do you want to become”? – An IAS officer, came her instant, but confident reply.

Mahi was told by the Principal that from now on, till you will be studying in this school, Aditya and Nishi will bear your school expenses.

Mahi melted and started sobbing. Nishi felt a sudden pull towards Mahi, she got up from her seat and hugged her.

“See Mahi, do not cry. We are here with you. We just want you to be good in studies and be sincere. We would love if you can ensure that you have good attendance and you remain in the top 10 students of your class. Other than this we will have no role or control in your life. Make your life meaningful and enjoy this new journey, “ consoled Nishi.

Mahi and her mother tried to touch the feet of Aditya and Nishi which they immediately stopped and even felt bit embarrassed.

Grandmother, mother and Mahi waited happily outside.

Accountant was immediately called to the cabin and the whole process of formalities begun. Total amount was decided and Aditya confirmed that he will prefer yearly payment instead of monthly.

Meanwhile Principal gave more details about Mahi.

Her father was working as a driver in one company and very recently he bought a new car and used it as a taxi. He himself used to drive and met with an accident which proved to be fatal.

Mahi’s uncle, an influential person in the community didn’t offer any help, however offered to get Mahi married.
But her mother was determined that Mahi’s father had dreamt of making Mahi a government officer and she will try her best to fulfill his last desire, even if that meant literally begging.

Mahi has two younger siblings, and that’s what moved Aditya. He said if Mahi gets education, she can even change the future of other two kids.

Paperwork done. It was all so quick that Nishi even forgot to tell Aditya about Mitthi.

“Aditya, Mitthi has got the admission as well,” Nishi whispered in his ears.

“Madam, you people are truly blessed and so as your daughter. Mitthi will be an asset to our school, “ said Principal smilingly.

They all looked into each other’s eyes, with contentment and happiness. The air in the room now felt light and fresh.

They all came out of the cabin and Principal came to see them off till car parking with tears in his eyes along with a calmness on his face. 

This is a real story which happened this morning. 

I always used to wonder, how people sponsor education of others and what are they made of? 

Never knew that God will choose us as a medium for this life changing event, literally.

I feel more responsible and my daughter is proud of her parents.  She is happy because she feels she has now got an elder sibling too, as Principal told Mahi that now we are her parents. Kids are so innocent you see😁.

I feel so grateful to lord for blessing me with a kind hearted husband who decided to intervene and help.

Even though in last 6 months he has suffered huge financial losses, he didn’t even give a second thought when it came to help someone in need. 

I would also like to thank the kind hearted Principal because had he not taken interest in arranging for Mahi’s fees leaving aside his work, we would have never come to know what’s going on. May be we were made to be there at a right time at right place. 

Mahi is currently in eighth standard and we have committed to pay her school fee till grade 12th.  Let’s hope we are able to do it.

I never knew I will be going for one daughter’s admission and while returning will get a new daughter too. 

Sharing this post because I felt emotional and needed blessings of Swamiji and all of you, my family, to make us successful in this initiative which we have undertaken as a medium.  Thanks Kanha ji for using us as a medium to answer her mother’s prayers.