Any bad thing big or small when happens to us, we feel bad, we ask why me? We ask God/Universe why me? We complaint. Then another bad thing happens, producing more of bad feelings, we feel worse, we complain more, then more bad things happen and cycle repeats.

We see others, they are not getting any bad things in their life. Why are we victimized? And we get trapped, we start living in this trapped world where bad things happen only to us and not to others. We start complaining others and other people blame us. And this becomes our new normal. In this new normal, now if we decide to do something good, it becomes difficult because our old habits of complaining stop us. This puts limitations on our mind. We think whatever hard work we do, we are not lucky enough to complete it.

To change this new normal, to come out of this loop, start from the beginning and find the root cause. Instead of complaining, count your blessings. May be out of all the things in your life, you have a few things which you can be grateful for. It can take time because erasing backlash of negative thoughts takes time. But if we practice counting blessings, even for first 7-10 days, new cycle will get formed, new normal will get formed. You will get luckier and limitations will get removed.