Gratitude?  What is so important about this? Well, yes, I had the same thought when I never knew about the benefits.

So let me start with the basics about gratitude. It is being grateful for what you have in life. Being thankful is one of the important sources of happiness.

All it takes is taking few minutes out of your schedule and be thankful, it doesn’t matter if you are not directing this to anyone. What is important is that having that thankfulness vibes and emitting them to the universe. Trust me, what my experience says is that ‘Vibing high is important”.

Here I am listing  5 benefits of practicing  gratitude  :

  1. BOOSTS POSITIVE EMOTIONS: When we are counting things we are grateful for, it brings positive vibes to us. Generous positive emotions are generated thus making us feel happier and merrier.
  2. MAKES US MORE OPTIMISTIC: When we are thankful for what we have we realize how better our life is compared to those who really miss these gifts that we possess currently. This helps focus more on the good than anything bad happening.
  3. ENHANCED SPIRITUALITY: Yes, it’s true that gratitude goes hand in hand with spirituality. After all its raises our vibrations by being thankful. The better are our vibrations, the more we experience spirituality.
  4. POSITIVE IMPACT ON HEALTH: Once you start practicing gratitude, you will feel positive each day. This doesn’t mean you won’t face any rough days. They would be there, but your mind will now be habitual of looking at the positives during these odd times, too. As they say, mental health affects physical health, this will definitely aid your current physical health.
  5. HELPS WITH ANXIETY, DEPRESSION:  People who practice gratitude have higher regard towards their current life situation. Even though they face negative emotions they tend to bounce back faster. This makes them get back to the life-track faster. 

So guys these were just a few of the multiple benefits of having gratitude. Start practicing it daily and see the difference yourself.