It’s the month of June and we all know it is very hot month.I like to spend time under the sky but the scorching heat of sun remains a big obstacle in these hot months.

Few days back,I was sitting with my Grandmother and cousin Mehak.It was  very hot and we were sweating.We were talking about the weather.And me and my cousin wanted the rain to come so that weather turns cold.But we could just wait for the rain.

Dadi then told about her childhood days.She told us that small girls used to make  dolls (gudda guddi) with their hands and then used to burn them and then all of them used to speak  ‘Warr Jaa Badla Kaleya Assi Gudda Guddi Sareya’.In Hindi it means ‘Baras jaa badal kaale,humne gudda guddi jalaya’.The girls used to burn the dolls and speak this to enjoy rains in hot weather.

I questioned my Dadi that there is no logic in this.And how is that possible.But Dadi said it really used to rain a lot when girls used to burn dolls.My 8 years old cousin,Mehak found this quite interesting and wanted to experiment this so she forced me also.I helped her and we collected sticks and clothes.Then we made a guddi (doll) using wooden sticks and I tore an old piece of cloth and wrapped it on the sticks.A fine doll was prepared.Then Mehak placed it on the floor,brought matchstick and burnt it using a poly bag.Me and Mehak were speaking the same what Dadi had told.😃

After half an hour,the wind started to blow,black clouds covered the sky and after sometime,it rained heavily for almost an hour.

We were quite happy.The weather turned cold  and we spent a good amount of time under the sky.I really don’t know whether there was some truth in that what we had done or rain had to come that day.But I really enjoyed that process of preparing and burning a doll.😊



Yours Ripandeep ❤️