Gurudev! O Gurudev!

Gurudev, can you hear my call?

Can you see me from your Ashram?

Are you holding my hand? – I feel so

Is it a dream or an illusion sometimes my questioning mind asks?

My heart and mind say in unison that you are indeed holding my hand,

Just how parents hold their baby’s little fingers and the baby enclasps their fingers without any fear,

You have taught me to love everyone unconditionally;

I did not indeed know that it was a possibility.

You have taught me the beautiful melodious sound of silence;

I did know silence too had a fragrance.

You have taught me the importance of living with detachment;

I did not know my world could function without any attachment.

You have taught me that the word patience existed;

I thought it was a word coined for the dictionary and only listed.

You have taught me what Sadhana truly means;

I did not know that even I could have such spiritual dreams;

You have taught me the miraculous effects of living in solitude;

I did not know of its effects which are in multitude.

Gurudev! O Gurudev!

I hope you are transcending all boundaries to remain in my heart – today, tomorrow and forever;

I am just a speck of dust under your holy lotus feet and shall remain so – today, tomorrow and forever.

Love & Gratitude always,