This is a prayer that I recently read in a prayer book of Iskcon.

Originally written by Bhaktivinod Thakur in Sarangati.

First in Bengali and next is its English translation.



kripa-bindu diya, koro’ ei dase,

trinapekha ati hina

sakala sahane, bala diya koro’,

nija-mane spriha-hina



sakale sammana korite sakati,

deho’ natha! jathajatha

tabe to’ gaibo, hari-nama-sukhe,

aparadha ha ’be hata



kabe heno kripa, labhiya e jana,

kritartha hoibe, natha!

sakti-buddhi-hina, ami ati dina,

koro’ more atma-satha



jogyata-vicare, kichu nahi pai,

tomara karuna—sara

karuna na hoile, kandiya kandiya,

prana na rakhibo ara


Translation :


1) Gurudeva, give to this servant just one drop of mercy. I am lower than a blade of grass. Give me all help. Give me strength. Let me be as you are, without desires or aspirations.


2) I offer you all respects, for thus I may have the energy to know you correctly. Then, by chanting the holy name in great ecstasy, all my offenses will cease.


3) O Lord and Master! When will such mercy fall to this one who is weak and devoid of intelligence? Allow me to be with you.


4) If you examine me, you will find no qualities. Your mercy is all that I am made of. If you are not merciful unto me, I can only weep, and I will not be able to maintain my life.

Jay Shri Radhe Shyam

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