The importance of a Habit Tracker

Extract 1: Habit tracking also keeps you honest. Most of us have a distorted view of our own behaviour. We think we act better than we do. Measurement offers one way to overcome blindness to our own behaviour and notice what’s really going on each day.

Extract 2: This can be particularly powerful on a bad day. When you’re feeling down, it’s easy to forget about all the progress you have already made. Habit tracking provides visual proof of your hard work- a subtle reminder of how far you’ve come. Plus the empty square you see each morning can motivate you to get started because you don’t want to lose your progress by breaking the streak.



Be Specific about the Goals you want to achieve.

Measure your progress.

Set Attainable targets, a habit that doesn’t exist cannot be improved.

Be Realistic with your habits. Start small and increase gradually.

Be Timely with your habits and goals. If you miss it once, it is ok. You should never abscond twice.

Do you realize that Habit Tracking is a habit in itself?
In today’s world, automation is an incredible tool. Do you want to save money, but you are unable to do so? Open a Savings account and automate a fixed sum to be transferred into that account at the end of every month. In that specific account, decline debit atm cards. When you require money, you will have to physically go to the bank. This will prevent you from spending haphazardly. Do remember to never make this Savings account your main one. Life is full of emergencies. You don’t want to be without money when urgency arises.

You have to allocate manual tracking for your most important habits. With the Habit Tracking sheet provided, you will be one step ahead.

It will happen on most days when our habit streak will be interrupted for one reason or another. When this happens, a rule to remember is never missing twice. It is okay to miss a workout, but don’t miss it twice in a row. If you ate fast food or anything heavily oily, follow it up with a nutritious day of eating.

The first mistake is never the one that crucifies you, it is the accumulation of these repeated mistakes that follow. Missing once is an accident while missing twice or more is the start of a new (bad) habit.

Remember your Black Lotus Streak? Missing one day and Swami Ji propels us one week straight back. It is the visual cue and the consequences that make us go through. Even if we do not feel like going, we do it to maintain our progress.

Having a good day is great, but showing up on days when you don’t feel like it is even more important. Do not look for perfection because it is way far. On the bad days, the effort to show up is required, even if it’s not the same quality of work that we will normally deliver.            

Jai Shri Hari! 

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