Those people whose अन्तःकरण (mental body/buddhi/intellect) becomes so much impure, they don’t like Lord’s name, Satsang etc. An impure intellect likes only impure things.

This is a real story. It takes place in Bankura(Rajasthan).

A fisherman was catching fish on the bank of a river. A holy man name Badridasji came to him and ask him “How much amount of money do you get by this ?” He replied “Approximately 4 annas”. Badridasji said to him “Come with me and sit here, I will give you this amount, you only have to recite “Ram-Ram” full day. 

He was not able to recite “Ram-Ram”, instead recites “Hore-Hore” (Hari-Hari) in place of it. He came for 2 days and on the 3rd day, he doesn’t even come! When he goes to that place again, what he saw was he is again catching the fish! On questioning why you have not come? He said “Na Baba ye Kaam humse nahi hoga!” (No, No! I am not able to do this work!)

सोइ जानइ जेहि देहु जनाई। जानत तुम्हहि तुम्हइ होइ जाई॥
तुम्हरिहि कृपाँ तुम्हहि रघुनंदन। जानहिं भगत भगत उर चंदन॥

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