As the battered Rocky got some ice pack here ….now i was on the seventh Aasman….this came as a soother. He was doing his engineering….let’s call him Cheeku…everyone likes its Sweet taste as well it s Champak’s most intelligent Khargosh. So, Cheeku’s nose was so long that kids could play fissal patee or slide on it, his chashma was inspired by father of our nation and his lanky legs were no less than a bazigar walking on stilts. He could be a delight to a medical student who could count each rib and his wrists were useful to demonstrate blue and red nerves! So our Cheeku was a very hard-working and religious boy like A.s and was regular temple, Ramleela and upvaas practitioner. Back then there were no eggless cakes so he used to gift me milk cake. Does any one know what Pytha gorus ,newton and aryabhatta gifted their beloveds? Was it a magrnetuc compass or sun dial watch?
So that i get really good grades most of his talks were based on Pilot pen, chineese pen ,stapler, punching machines and volume, area and measurement of questions in exam paper. The only ever gift i received from him was an exam board with pictures oF deities! So Mr Cheeku was a health conscious freak who avoided white flour ,caffeine and tea at all cost.

What will Miss Glutton have..Tammatar kaa soooop? Na samose, na chowmein, naa coke naa cold cofFee…..tera KYAA hoga Motiyaaa? And since he was an environment friendly citizen gifting or plucking Phool was a karma done by fools.

Even buying bisleri water on a date was polluting environment with plastics…not using auto as we should save fuel for our future generations and no talks on phone..noise pollution you see!? Too bhaee fir girlfriend kyu chahiye. Mr Cheeku spent his time most judiciously with a diary and pen always handy…a time table to what time spent in personal hygiene chores after getting up, breakfast timing with how long it takes to chew food, college commuting time in public bus…college time….what all to revise in free subsi periods…canteen break time, and muummy paapa time, bhaee time, tution to small kids time..
Oye hello…where do i fit in?? Since this was my first time to be in a romantic relationship too, I never knew what are the daily norms to be followed…but somewhere I was not feeling myself…i can be neither so boring nor so organized…. 

Since we were in same colony the eyes of most chugal khor aunties and retired park going uncles was only on who changes clothes how many times a day or who smiles chupke chupke seeing whom. So one day i called him to common Janmashtmi celebration which had a dark guffa decoration… so we could quietly hold hands and say those 3 magical words first time but Mr geek was too bacteria and germ infection scared to hold sweaty hands and just shyed away. What was i looking for my mind boggled before discussing it with my class friends on what decision do i take. I had an exam to take…class 11 and 12 shared exam room and my co-seater instead of solving the paper made a big Tom Cat’s face on his paper…this was the most attractive thing i liked in him……he was so much like me…smiling, confident, carefree and Bindaas so i had to be bold to break Mr Cheeku s heart. Or did he have a heart or a circuit fixed there? I called his landline for him to meet me in afternoon at 3pm at middle of our terrace s which joined through many terraces

For what happens next keep tuned in!