This consultation happened today. A middle aged guy very worried about his hairfall issue..

As usual routine questions asked about his food habits, lifestyle, nature of his work and so on.. After taking note of all of it I began to explain him the contributing factors for the hairfall and the possible underlying conditions that would contribute to hair fall

He attentively listened and realised that his life style needs a lot of rework and I went on to explain him what necessary steps he is required to take in order to tackle his issue..

I then informed him to follow all the instructions accordingly for a month along with the medicines and report back.

Before I hanged up the call, he asked me where I was from.. I said”Bangalore”. He said he too was currently working in Karnataka but being a Maharastrian he couldn’t speak Kannada. I said that wouldn’t matter.

He said he works for a Medical Institution and that he is the Head of the Accounts Dept.. To ease his stressful mind, I said” No wonder why you have a hairfall.” 😁
He laughed..

He continued saying” Doc, when I joined here in 2017, I had dense hair but now its all gone.”
I replied” That shows how much you are working and the amount of stress.”

He laughed again. This time I added” I think your performance appraisal team may be taking a note of your work performance based on how you looked then and how you look now, so they do not have to question you because they know you are working hard at the cost of your hair!!” This time he burst out lauging even harder…

Lastly I said” keep your before picture(the joining day picture with dense hair) with another one as after picture(the current one with less hair) and hand over to your team and that would give them the complete picture of how well you have been working all these days and your appraisal would be guaranteed.!!”

He said, ” Doc, that is a very good idea!!!” and laughed really hard.. finally concluded saying” Doc, it was very nice talking to you and thank you very much for your time I shall follow up after a month.”

Thus ended the consultation but now he would worry less understanding, it is not a major issue and certainly not one to be worried about and life is definitely not worth the worry for such smaller issues…