Returning to my corner after 4 months. Happy Guru Purnima to all. I have been having these ideas in my mind that I want to write about but I didn’t gather the energy to sit and write again up until now. What motivated me to return? Factor 1, I renewed my subscription (so I am trying to make the most of it now :D). Factor 2, I decided to build a nighttime ritual : Reading and writing something before hitting the bed.

What’s new in my life? Who asked? Nobody! But I will share anyway!

I am so happy to be living by myself for a month now. I moved to a new place and set it up slowly, mostly on my own. It gives me a feeling of joy and fulfillment. Like how I would be happy as a kid to setup my doll house. This is just life size. I am grateful and thankful to so many people who in many ways helped me to be in this happy state of being. I am sending my love and gratitude to them, it will reach them ❤️

I have grown another half a year older and tried to keep up with life. So many things have changed for good or bad. That’s the most exciting thing about life. I was low on many occasions, I was high on tiny endeavors. I have memories of each of these beautiful months gone by. How lively it is to keep trying something new at every opportunity? To build a new habit, to pursue your passions and dreams. It is in those rewarding moments you spend for your own self, that you fall more and more in love with life and yourself.

January: I painted and painted. I love my canvases, hoping to keep it going.

February: I started dancing regularly, I have videos of each day in Feb and onwards!

March: I finally joined an online fitness program, and continued it too.

April: I started weight training. Small scale, but a big milestone for me.

May: I went on a vacation, finally made that trip of the year! Guess the regular workout made the summer pictures better 😛

June: It was time to set my foot firm on the ground again, moving to a new house and figuring things out on my own were fun and scary at the same time.

July: I am taking my driving lessons and hope to get my license in a month’s time.

Oh and the year is only going to get more fun! I have begun a few other things sub-consciously and want to achieve them all. There are many things I can think of in my head that worked out well and others that I want to make better. Those small steps for a better living and a fulfilling life. I have a big list of things that I keep adding to, I want to achieve them all. I want to keep my small time gardening going (added so many in the new apartment, it radiates love and energy right back at me!), sharpening my cooking skills (trying not to set off the smoke alarm again :D), learning that musical instrument lying in my house. Oh the wishlist is eternal!

What I do know is that, every moment is an opportunity. Living in it is the most rewarding thing in life. What’s drifting away is only making you live lighter and what’s coming your way is making you fly higher!