Blessings of Rev. Om Swamiji and his grace has given such a loving and caring unique platform.

It’s practically impossible to understand and grasp the gravity even a percent of how he executes flawlessly his divine vision for us. Flowing with it…

Under his umbrella, sharing this what I feel/felt at home for my partner. 


Isn’t it funny, things we do and share in daily routine are taken so much for granted.

If you try to do justice to your environment, and actions to take accordingly, not easy, not fair, not even acknowledged. We all are in a trance, very easy to take things for granted.

You see, You observe and You fill the gaps, it is so fulfilling and rewarding when done.

Being along with partner is such…like proving all the old adages in Hindi… ” दो बदन एक जान। “(Apparently Two but One in Soul)… so and so forth. In reality, it does happen. Need to catch ourselves going through it.

Lockdown 24X7 together but away, yes concerns, worries do trickle down the face in form of pebble-like sweat and or tear. Cherishing the moments when we are there in the present moment, matters most.

Seeing and observing, the gentle smile of the partner, No words, but gentle shyness of eyes, smile which, no one but you can read & sense between those tiring times in the evening to bedtime. Seeing the love when words are added in a gentle way in ears when that dal is fried & roti is made.

Caressing the hair and putting it back. And standing in the kitchen, just talking (not really), but listening with intent and looking directly into her eyes, with 100% acknowledgment (least caring for the topic) but scuba diving in her eyes. Seeing the BEST and observing as much, the more you dive, the more colorful it becomes. Still continuing to clean the dishes without being asked and gently taking dirty utensils to clean up the bigger pots, and continue to nod head in acknowledgment of her talks., with Yes & making her feel you are right. And answering the intermittent questions of her, “Are you listening?”, “Can you believe that…?” and many such, These are the outlet channels of questions, that culminate at a big open reservoir of transparent agreement of unconditional deep love.

Though the neighbor or aunt may be right in reference to her talk, the person she is sharing to knows that, for him, the only right person during that moment is non judged herself. She also knows deep in her heart, she doesn’t have enough words of credit or accolades for him, yet he is there. Being there without elaborate words of expression with so much transparency & love with expressions only.

Small gestures of kindness in lowered eyes, love in the nod of agreement, sincerity in the silence, acceptance in listening…all that matters.

The love of the partner has a quiet agreement with truth and devotion to each other…

— I am just an ordinary soul in the path of divine grace, looking at best for the truth from where I am…

“Happy is the moment when we sit together, With two forms two faces yet one soul You and I” – Rumi

“Please do comment below on what you felt?  Should I write in a similar way?”

Do support with your kindness…

Jai Shri Hari !!!

Picture Credit: Designed using Canva and Vectors from creazilla.