I’m done with this age, I’ll be more free and happier.”

It’s a thought we had when we were kids. The limitations of a child, getting bullied by the seniors, the pressure of exams, so many problems. We felt that adulthood would be utopian.

Then we grew up but the married ones were happier. We thought once we get married we’ll have it all. We had no idea. Then we were married but didn’t have kids. Ok, came the kids and now we waited for them to grow up. Then we wait for them to have their family so we can be free and happier.
It doesn’t end there.

We keep on going ahead. There are people who go on to the next life because this life is just not good enough. They are rubbing their noses on the ground praying for a better afterlife.

Stop here wherever you are! If you’re not happy now, what makes you think you’ll find it later?

Happiness is in the change of attitude not in the change of circumstances. You can be free despite all the entanglements and happy despite all the responsibilities.

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