More than often I try to grasp the means of becoming happy . I must confess I fail every time I do it .
Happiness is not some alibabas open sesame words . It’s a state of mind . One can be a pauper yet stay happy whereas though one is a billionaire yet one can be miserable .
Reminds me of Ghazal by Bhupinder singh Kabhi kisi Ko mukkamil jahan nahi milta….it’s a beautiful rendition .Shakes and stirs you up .
I know it’s easy for me to say it’s state of mind when at times I myself am angry grumpy nasty . But at the end of day when I ponder over it I feel more angry with myself as it’s was not worth the reaction I gave .
Have been training to stay calm and not to get angry but such is a habit that is ingrained that it comes out like drop of a hat .

I personally feel meditation and exercise would calm me down but the million dollar question is when do I get time .
It’s not easy to maintain same state of mind all the time but we can train and try .
But one thing is sure Happiness is habit and I need  to cultivate

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