So  at the end of the day a question comes to mind.Why can’t we be happy eternally? Is it possible to be happy always? I guess we can not have this miracle.Happiness is a complicated term..Very easy to say but very difficult to acquire. We try many things..Being positive, being kind in this complicated world, doing kind deeds,engaging the self in sports,yoga,meditation,social activities,spending time with families,friends,peers,helping the animals,helping the sick..we do all these positive things.But still sometimes we experience a nostalgia,a kind of incomplete feeling..if we believe in God then we somehow give the burden to God and of course if we do not believe in God then i am really sorry .because i have no experience of an atheist ‘s  feeling.I feel an atheist is more free.Because he or she does not have to answer anything to God. They don’t have any relationship with God.It is only them in their world. Problem lies with us kind of people. We depend on God. We wait for an answer. We wait for miracles. Sometimes miracles do happen.Sometimes we get an answer. But most of the time no miracles happen.No answer come.We deal ourselves. Well..its a bit scary but it is truth. Mostly we suffer more .And we can not help it.May be this is the only way,and it has to be in this way.The struggle has no end.Enlightened ones say that happiness is within.We just have to see within.But it is not easy.Living in a complicated world when they search for eternal happiness ,most of them left and gone in search.While they return they are not the same. They became The Budhha, Mahavir, Adi Shankaracharya and many more…Perhaps they found happiness. But why can not we leave? Are we scared to leave the society?May be yes. We are scared ,insecured and confused.The struggle is very thick inside us. The mirror in front of us says it all. We want this miracle to happen .In the deepest corner of our heart we want to be like a Budhha, we want to be like the mesmerizing Om Swami…We want to be like Anandamayee Maa and we want to be like them.It is a strong desire ,a desire which can not be dissolved …Because deep inside we know the secret.We know the road to happiness. It is very difficult.But the struggle is there.It will continue to thrive. Till then we can not be eternally happy. All happiness is an illusion.It is like a mirage. It will never stay with us.One day it will slip from the hand like sand.And we have to deal with this also.Until then the struggle will continue.We are somehow very much like Hamlet.There is a Hamlet inside us who always say to be or not to be….that is the question.Happiness.... 2

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